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EFCO Controlador de Temperatura

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Controlador de temperatura para fornos EFCO


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Regulador de Temperatura EFCO (POR ENCOMENDA)

Efco temperature controller 230 V~ / 16 A / max. 3500 W.

The controller simply plugs into the power supply at the back of the kiln. This unit serves to control the power supply to the kiln and is a basic controller suitable for use with most efco kilns. The power lead from the kiln simply plugs into the socket at the back of the regulator. 

The EFCO Energy Controller regulates the current supply automatically through rhythmic activation and deactivation. When the controller is switched on, the control lamp lights up and then comes on and goes off according to the rhythm set. By adding this appliance, you can achieve any almost constant firing temperature in every EFCO kiln, so that it is then also possible to stove glass and ceramic painting. The temperature controller is to be strongly recommended for all kilns, since only then can the many functional possibilities of the EFCO appliances be used to the full and the service life of the heating spirals is increased considerably.

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