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Esmalte a frio

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Branco - 100g


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Enamel without solvent, they do not constrict, do not evaporate, do not turn yellow, easy to reproduce with the same amount of components.

Colors can be mixed to obtain new tones and shades. Can be used on glass, wood, marble, metals and plexiglass. They are composed of colored pigments.

Enamel well mixed and warmed at low temperature (around 40°C) before and during application guarantees an excellent result. They are use with a catalyst in a 100 (enamel) / 50 (catalyst) proportion measured by weight.

Enamel can be applied with a syringe with a dispenser needle. Ready for usage, this reference includes color (66g) + catalyst (33g).

If you need to decorate curved surfaces we suggest to use catalyst HC 912. If you want to get the color more dense, you can add few drops of RT102.

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