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Frog Song

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Técnica Tiffany | Jillian Sawyer | 56 páginas

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Frog Song

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Jillian Sawyer

Featuring frogs of every shape, mood, and attitude, this guide to creating beautiful stained glass presents frogs as they would be found in nature and others that are purely figments of the designer’s imagination. More than 40 designs are included for such frogs as Tap Dancer, Choccy Frog, Little Red & Applejack, Jellybean & Minty, Pip, Squeak, and Sloppy Joe. Each design includes tips for construction and a verse that further defines the personality of each of these delightfully froggy creatures. These designs can be used with other crafts such as quilting, appliqué, machine or hand embroidery, and silk or china painting. 


95 377 18 2018

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