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EFCO Regulador de Temperatura TRP008

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Regulador de Temperatura EFCO TRP008 (POR ENCOMENDA)

Temperature regulator TRP008 230 V / 50 Hz / 3500 W 1200°C for NiCr-Ni thermo couple A digital temperature controller where a constant heat is requireed over time. A thermo couple sensor fits in the back of the kiln and the power lead from the kiln plugs into the power socket on the back of the controller.

Description: The control device TRP 008 is an automatic 2 point regulator with digital display and set point indicator. A NiCr-Ni thermo element sensor compliant with DIN 43 710 is fitted to the device. Regulator TRP 008 is ideal for controlling temperature settings for enameling, glazes, annealing and tempering, as well as for firing ceramic paints etc. The regulator is ideal for use where a constant temperature over long periods of time is required.

The kiln power lead plugs directly into the output socket of the regulator. Suitable for use up to 3,500 watt at 230 volt (Ohm resistive load).

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