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EFCO Termometro

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Termometro para fornos EFCO


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Termometro para fornos EFCO (POR ENCOMENDA)

Efco kiln thermometer. Effective range from 20°C to 1200°C Requires kiln with fitting to take the thermo-couple temperature sensor

These temperature measuring instruments can be connected to all EFCO electric kilns and serve to determine the temperature inside the kiln (except model number EFCO 110). The connection of the measuring instruments is very simple. At the back of the kiln is a connection device, into which the temperature sensors of the measuring instrument is inserted. Via a thermo element, this instrument transfers a temperature range of 20 degrees celsius to 1200 degrees celsius is clearly marked. For regulating the desired temperature, we recommend that the EFCO temperature regulator be switched on before the kiln.

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Fabricante Efco

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